Images From Lockdown

Here at Scandinavian Homes HQ, we’ve been seeing some gorgeous pictures on social media, taken by people who are furloughed or working from home during Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, and we thought we’d like to showcase some of them. So we put out a call on our various social media platforms, asking people to send us photos they really liked that they had taken over the isolation period, and below are the results. We didn’t set any limits on content, we just asked for pictures with an explanation of why they were chosen. Credits are given to all involved, and there are links to websites where there is a business or organisation or blog to link to. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we have, and thank you to everyone who has taken part!

Not entirely surprisingly, many of the images chosen were to do with family.

My First Spag Bol

“Having a newborn has made working from home a luxury during this unpredictable situation. Arabella Rose Somerville was born in November and was only 4 months old when lockdown began. I was glad to be home when she was trying food for the first time, as you can see from the photo she enjoyed having more over her face.” – Photo by John Somerville


Look Mum, a bee!

“The wonder of nature……there’s always something to find to entertain the little ones.” – Photo by Karen Sadler, Wakefield Green Party Activist


“No matter how hard lockdown has been for us we will be stronger and closer than before as a family. This photo was from our family walks up a farm road called ‘the squiggly’ due to it winding between sheep, horse and cows.”  – Photo by John Somerville

Nature was another theme that people seemed to have spent time capturing on camera.

The Swarm

“It is honey bee swarming time, the sound is alarming but all the bees are concerned about is protecting and feeding their Queen. These bees swarmed into our garden last week. Contact your local Beekeeping Association should you experience a swarm and relish these amazing creatures essential for our food supply.” – Photo by Ruth Love, Wakefield Green Party Coordinator

Tortoiseshell Butterfly

“The air seems more fresh, the grass is greener and there are more insects and animals enjoying this time when humans are staying at home. I have recently taken up photography and on our times we get out for exercise, I try take as many photos as I can… unfortunately for every 1 good photo there are several that don’t make the cut. ” – Photo by John Somerville

Artists and crafters who kept working during lockdown seem to have liked the Nature theme too. Below are two pieces created during lockdown.

Chainmail Bee Earrings

“My favourite pieces, and a reminder that there’s still life and light and hope outside.”  – Jewellery and photo by Clare Selley of Unchained Design

Flower painting

“I painted this floral composition during lockdown. I was inspired to create this from looking at the flowers we had around the house. I wanted to create something colourful and uplifting.”  – Art and photo by Holly Greenwood of Holly Greenwood Design

Other makers have been up to other things less Nature related.


“I had the idea to paint a mandala on my shed about a year ago but hadn’t got around to it, but all the sunshine and having my hubby around to help with my business during lockdown has meant I finally had the time to do it. I got burned to a crisp painting it in the sunshine, but it was totally worth it. This is my first ever attempt at a mandala and I chose to ‘practice’ on the side of a shed!  And I chose the picture because I’m proud of what I achieved.” – Art and photo by Clare Corley of Sewn By Dragons

“I have kept on working throughout lockdown, despite all events being cancelled. No events meant that my regular stock would be sitting for a while and I could take the time to finish some other projects, like this overcoat. It had been in the works for quite a while and kept being pushed aside whenever the regular collection needed restocking, so it was very nice to finally finish it.” Jacket and photo by Harma Lever of Barbwire and Roses


“This is the view from my workbench this morning- that’s all orders and new stock being painted.” Photo by Andy Rimmer of Offa Studio

Face artwork

“Chosen because it’s the last bit of art I did.” – Art and photo by Giles Meakin of Giles Meakin – Art, Design & Illustration


“It’s so unusual for me to work with bright colours! I’ve absolutely loved working with rainbows ♥️” Masks and photo by Denise Gill of The Custom Costume Company


“Making scrubs for a friend…” Kate Dicey of Jolly Dicey Costumiers

Lockdown has been an especially sad time for some people. Chiara Mac of Chiara McCall Photography was quarantined with and then sadly lost her mum during lockdown.


“This is the first image I took with my proper camera after 14 days of lockdown in which I lost my mum. Here is what I was doing before I ended up in quarantine with mum and then of course as you know without her as she passed away.

Others have been enjoying the great outdoors – in the garden.

Campfire dinner

“A nice evening with a campfire in the garden.”  Photo by Conrad Quast  of Edmund Williams Architects


Camping at home

“Lockdown camping and garden bushcraft skills.” Photo from Judith Ressler of Pixie Bushcraft & Forest School

And finally, an image that we’re sure will be familiar to cat slaves everywhere…


“Here is my defining lockdown working from home moment. My cat Tuesday in front of my laptop in defiance. ”  Claire Chapman of Mark Muir Architect Team