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Specialists in self-build Scandinavian homes, we offer luxury log house kits and fully managed turnkey services to help you build the eco-friendly, sustainable home you’ve always dreamt of. A UK-based, family-run business, we are Scandinavian Homes, partners on your self-build journey.

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A Little About Us

Based in Yorkshire UK, we are self-build specialists committed to helping you build your dream home. Offering a wide range of stunning, quality log homes, made by leading Finnish manufacturers of log house kits, we can guide you through every step of your self-build journey.

With extensive experience in the homebuilding industry, and as go-to providers of self-build Scandinavian homes in the UK, we have the expertise, industry knowledge, and contacts to turn your self-build dreams into your forever home.

Built to the highest of environmental standards, using sustainable materials, our self-build Scandinavian homes feature high levels of insulation, offering you comfortable, cost-effective, energy efficient living.

Wherever you are across the UK, contact our friendly team at Scandinavian Homes today to start your self-build journey. Your dream home might cost less than you think.

Our Builds

Log Homes

Our self-build log homes bring the beautiful, unmistakable aesthetic of Scandinavian homes, to the UK, for your self-build project.

Produced by Finland’s leading manufacturers of self-build house kits, Finnlamelli and Hirsiset, our extensive range of luxury log homes are made from glulam beams and laminated logs. Spanning both traditional and contemporary design, our log homes are built with comfort, sustainability, and energy efficient living in mind.

Whether you opt for a modern log home with smooth planed logs and contemporary corners, or a more rustic aesthetic with traditional cross-jointed corners, our range of models can be fully insulated, boasting low thermal heat transfer, saving you money on heating bills, and lowering your environmental impact.

We can guide you through the entire self-build journey, from working with you to customise your model of choice, helping you to design the perfect living space for you, right through to moving into your Scandinavian home.

Alternatively, should you wish to be more hands-on, we can simply provide you with a self-build kit to build yourself, or we can build the watertight shell for you to fit and finish.

At Scandinavian Homes, we offer you the flexibility to build the kind of log home that dreams are made of. Whatever size, no matter the number of bedrooms you desire, select a model/style from our extensive range, and we bring your dream to life.


Garden Buildings

Our high-quality Scandinavian garden buildings can be used for a huge range of applications, right across the UK.

From stunning, comfortable garden offices suitable for every season, to home gyms, yoga studios and saunas, to workshops, arts spaces, and beyond, the possibilities of our garden buildings are almost endless.

At Scandinavian Homes, we work with leading Finnish manufacturers of self-build home kits to offer stunning, Scandinavian-style log garden buildings for your self-build project.

As self-build specialists, we can not only supply you with a high-quality garden room kit, but can provide you with expert advice to help you navigate the self-build process.

Our garden rooms can be fully insulated, and are built to the highest of environmental standards, using sustainable materials.

We’re able to offer you great flexibility, with models in a huge range of styles, to ensure your garden building is everything you dream of. Explore our range of both traditional and contemporary log garden buildings to select your chosen style, then work with us to make the rest a reality.


Holiday Homes

The holiday home you’ve always longed to build, could be more than just a dream with Scandinavian Homes.

As leading self-build specialists and go-to suppliers of log holiday home kits in the UK, we help people across the country to make their holiday home dreams a reality.

Our luxury self-build holiday homes are built by leading Finnish manufacturers of Scandinavian log house kits, to the highest of environmental standards, and from sustainable materials.

Fully insulated, our log holiday homes can be enjoyed all year round, so whether you’re building your own personal holiday home, or you’re a landowner looking to build quality, luxury holiday accommodation, our self-build log holiday homes are an excellent eco-friendly, sustainable investment.

We offer a huge range of luxury log holiday homes, in a variety of both traditional and contemporary designs, providing you the flexibility to build the holiday home, or guest accommodation, you’ve always imagined.

Simply select a model from our range of self-build holiday homes, and work with us to create the perfect layout.

At Scandinavian Homes, we’re in the dream building business. Let’s make yours a reality.


Mobile Homes

One of the most difficult parts of the self-build journey can be navigating the challenges of the planning process.

As self-build specialists, we can help guide you through this, however, sometimes we have to work within limitations that the planning process, and certain kinds of land, can pose.
Enter our self-build mobile homes.

At Scandinavian Homes, we work with leading Finnish manufacturers of log kit houses to bring you a high-quality, luxury alternative to a traditional mobile home, enabling you to make your self-build dream a reality, without compromise.

Our self-build mobile homes are designed to enable disassembly and transportation, but are used by many of our customers as stationary structures like granny annexes, or further accommodation for guests visiting the home.

With a wide variety of models fitting the structural and size requirement of a “mobile” structure, simply select your chosen style from our extensive range of both traditional and contemporary options, and work with us to design your dream Scandinavian mobile home.

Available as fully insulated structures, with double glazed windows and doors, we offer a first-class, fully managed turnkey service, or we can simply provide you with a self-build kit, leaving you to insulate and fit and finish the build yourself.

Unlike anything you’d imagine when you think of “mobile homes”, call our team at Scandinavian Homes today, and add some Scandinavian charm to your self build kit for you to build and fit out yourself.


Our Process

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Speak with our friendly team of self-build specialists to discuss your aspirations, the needs of your family, and to enable us to identify where you are on your self-build journey, so we can help guide you forward.

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Selecting a model from our extensive range of self-build log buildings is just the start.

Our quality log kits offer unparalleled flexibility, and we work with you to realise every detail of your dream self-build home or garden building.

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Our luxury log homes, and high-quality garden buildings, are made by leading Finnish manufacturers of log house kits, to the highest of environmental standards, from sustainable timber.

Designed with comfort, sustainability, and energy-efficient living in mind, we help to build the eco-friendly, sustainable, self-build home or garden building you dream of.

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We provide luxury, self-build kits, complete with detailed instructions and diagrams, to help you transform our high-quality components into the luxury log home or garden building you’ve been dreaming of.

Alternatively, we offer a first-class, fully managed, turnkey service, guiding you through the process, from initial phone call to moving-in day, including construction, and fit and finishing your forever home.


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