Self build mobile homes

Self Build Mobile Homes​

One of the most difficult parts of the self-build journey can be navigating the challenges of the planning process.

As self-build specialists, we can help guide you through this; however, sometimes we both have to work within limitations that the planning process, and certain kinds of land, can pose.

Enter our self build mobile homes. 

We work with a leading Finnish manufacturer of log kit houses – Hirsiset – to bring you a high-quality, luxury alternative to a traditional mobile home, enabling you to make your self-build dream a reality, without compromise.

Our self build mobile homes are designed to meet the requirements of the Caravan Act. They are used by our customers as homes to live in (with a Lawful Development Certificate), holiday homes, granny annexes, or overspill accommodation for guests.

Made to the highest of environmental standards, from sustainable materials, they are fully insulated, complete with double glazed windows and doors. Our self build mobile homes are suitable for every season and offer excellent energy efficiency.

We offer a first-class, fully managed turnkey service, where we can take you through the entire process, from your initial call to moving in day. Alternatively, should you wish to be hands-on, we can work with you to design your mobile home and supply you with a kit to build yourself.

Unlike anything you’d imagine when you think of self build mobile homes, call our team today, and add some Scandinavian charm to your self-build project.

To meet the legislation, there are restrictions on size. A mobile home can be no more than 6.8m (22 feet) wide and 20m (65 feet) long – which is a surprisingly large area! Internally, the overall height – floor to ceiling – must be no more than 3.048m (10ft). It must also be capable of being separated into no more than two parts for transportation. Thus it must also be technically transportable, although there is no requirement for it to actually be transported to site – it can be constructed in situ.

No. It is certainly possible to construct one of our mobile homes on a chassis with wheels, but as long as it can theoretically be lifted onto a vehicle, it can be built on plinths or even a more traditional foundation.

If we build your mobile home for you, it is currently subject to a reduced rate of VAT (5%). If you want to purchase a kit from us and build it yourself then the standard rate of VAT applies to the kit. As it is not regarded as a dwelling you can’t reclaim VAT unfortunately.

A mobile home is not technically a dwelling for planning purposes. Depending where you are planning to site the mobile home, you may need to seek planning permission. If you’re looking to put a mobile home within the curtilage of your home – for example if you want to use it for guests to sleep in while they are visiting – you should not need planning approval, however a Lawful Development Certificate may be the best approach to consider. Then if you sell your house, a buyer has certainty that the mobile home is legal. If it is to be a holiday home, perhaps on a separate piece of land you own or have permission to stay on, then you will usually need full planning permission. It is always best to check with your local planning authority.

For a kit, we provide pre-cut and machined planed logs which make up the external walls of the mobile, as well as a system of internal wall beams and log cladding / plasterboard for the internal walls. The kit includes the floor structure, flooring, roof purlins, rafters and sarking boards, as well as double glazed windows, internal and external doors. You’ll need to purchase insulation material for the floor, walls and ceiling, and get it wired, plumbed, and fitted out. We’d recommend using a microporous paint on the outside, such as Teknos. Internally the log cladding can be left natural but a stain or water-based varnish would make ongoing cleaning easier. If you’ve chosen plasterboard then of course you can decorate in the usual way with paint or wallpaper. High quality decking can be included if ordered with the kit.

View Self Build Mobile Homes

  • Inari picture


    A compact, single unit, two bedroom log mobile home or annexe.

  • Saimaa

    Saimaa 30 x 20

    A spacious two or three bedroom mobile home.

  • Saimaa

    Saimaa 40 x 20

    Surprising spacious three or four bed log mobile home.

Our Process

Self build mobile homes

Speak with our friendly team of self-build specialists to discuss your aspirations before working with us to create the perfect layout for your mobile home.

Self build mobile homes

Selecting a model from our extensive range of self build mobile homes is just the beginning.

Our quality log kits offer unparalleled flexibility, and we work with you to realise every detail of the mobile home you’ve been imagining.

Self build mobile homes

Our luxury self build mobile homes are made by leading Finnish manufacturers of quality log house kits, to the highest of environmental standards, from sustainable timber.

Designed with comfort, sustainability, and energy-efficiency in mind, we build the eco-friendly, sustainable, self build mobile homes that dreams are made of.

Self build mobile homes

We provide luxury, self-build kits, complete with detailed instructions and diagrams, to help you transform our high-quality components into the luxury mobile home you’ve been dreaming of.

Alternatively, we offer a first-class, fully managed, turnkey service, guiding you through the process, from initial phone call to moving-in day, including construction, and fit and finishing your dream mobile home.