How long will it take Scandinavian Homes to build my house?

Whenever the Scandinavian Homes team watch self build projects on TV or read about them in magazines, we’re always surprised at how long the build can take. True, it will probably take longer than you would like, because things always do when you’re excited, but builds don’t have to be an extended process when you choose a log home kit!

With Scandinavian Homes building your log house for you, you won’t need to plan for an 18 month project – timescales are typically no more than 6 months from delivery to completion.

Here is an idea of our timeline to help you plan your build project. Please note this is typical if we provide our turnkey service – if you choose a shell build or prefer to DIY, the timings will vary.

Finding the ideal plot: this is the hardest part, and can take anything from a few months to a few years! It’s easier if you narrow down what you want – pick the area, set your budget, agree what the smallest size of plot is and what you must/must not have (e.g. must be in a quiet area, must not be on a slope) and start talking to estate agents and driving round the area. 

Picture of a grassy green plot of land with trees

Decide on the house style that will suit your plot: this part is easy, thanks to our stunning range of log home models. You just need to look through the website and find the one that appeals to you the most, and we can then customise the layout to suit the way you want to live. No need to spend ages with an architect trying to get them to envisage your dream!

Firm up the costings for the build so you know it stays within your budget, and make sure that you have some contingency – we recommend at least 10%.

Submit the planning application: this is easier if you already have outline planning on your plot (which is why plots with planning permission are much more expensive than those without). Once your application has been submitted, a decision should be made within 8 weeks. However, these days planning officers don’t negotiate, they’ll just refuse an application they feel has issues, so make sure you keep track of your application and don’t let it get to refusal. Withdraw it and resubmit it once you’ve solved the problems they raise. There’s no planning fee for a single resubmitted application.

Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash, image of someone drawing plans

Once you have planning approval, get ready to place your order with Scandinavian Homes. There’s usually a 10-12 week factory lead time, but this can vary a little, so make sure you check.

While your home is being manufactured, arrange groundworks, foundations, utility supplies (and demolition if you’re knocking down an old house to build your new log home) – these may take around a month, depending on site conditions. Utility supplies can take longer, so it might be wise to get these under way as soon as possible.

Foundations for a log home with a garage and a car in the background

Once the foundations are in place, your log home kit can be delivered.

Then the timeline will be roughly as follows:

Week 1-3 – Construct house shell to watertight (with the roofing membrane in place). This will naturally depend on the size of the house and the complexity of the roof – a very large house with several dormers may well take rather longer to complete.

Log house roof under construction

Week 4-6 – Build internal stud walls, finish roofing.

Week 7 – First fix wiring, plumbing and ventilation system. Paint the exterior of the home the colour you’ve agreed with planning (weather permitting!).

Week 8 – Fit wall and ceiling insulation. Internal plastering and/or timber boarding. Second fix electrical, plumbing and heating.

Week 9/10 – Decorating internally, and bathroom floor tiling and installation.

A partially completed wetroom with grey tiling

Week 11/12 – Kitchen and appliance installation, tiling, flooring and finishing.

Week 13 – General tidying, cleaning & polishing.

Week 14 – You move in!

A small dog in a cardboard box