Log Home Kits

Log Home Kits

In today’s world, an environmentally friendly, energy efficient house is much more than a dream; it’s practically a necessity. With climbing energy prices, a home that doesn’t cost the earth to heat is on everyone’s wish list, and with one of our log home kits, you can achieve just that. Your log home will be very energy efficient, so you won’t need to worry about those fuel bills. You can also be confident that our log home kits meet the new building regulations.

The actual method of heating and ventilating your new home is entirely up to you, but you’re unlikely to need a log burner as you’d be too warm!

There’s no need for deep and expensive excavations either, instead you can use insulated raft foundations that not only have a lower carbon footprint, but are also faster to put in place.

If this is all music to your ears, you’ll be glad to know that we’re experts in helping people who would LOVE a self-build log house. Our comprehensive log home kits are ideal for your self-build project, as they include almost everything that you’ll need to complete the basic structure of your beautiful log home. This will save you loads of hassle, freeing you from spending time and effort on estimating materials and measuring up, and allowing you to quickly get on with building and fitting out your dream home. Everything you need will arrive by truck, ready to unload and start construction.

What's in Our Log Home Kits?

Typically, your log home kit will include:-

  • External log walls, cut to length and notched ready for assembly. Log sizes start from 95x160mm log, with a range of larger sizes available. Different corner joint options are also available, depending on the log size. Ask us for more information.
  • Timber framework to take wall insulation (usually 200mm for residential log homes)
  • Interior log panelling (or plasterboard, or a mix)
  • 95mm studwork for internal walls (to be cut on site)
  • Triple glazed timber / aluminium windows (other options may be available depending on design)
  • Highly insulated and weather sealed external doors
  • Internal doors supplied as door sets
  • Architraves / mouldings
  • Specialist fixings for use in the build

A log home is constructed by fixing one log on top of another, joining at the corners. This makes for a really strong structure (which explains why log homes are excellent in earthquake areas!). You can choose the overall appearance of your log home, by using different log sizes and corner joint options. Some alternatives are shown in the pictures below, ask us for more details.

Log Home Kits
Example of 70 x 160 logs from Hirsiset, with standard cross jointed corners
Log Home Kits
Example of 134 x 260 logs from Hirsiset, with dovetail corners

Beyond Our Log Home Kits

As an option with your log home kit, we can include beautiful profiled metal roofing which can either look like pantiles, or a more contemporary standing seam roof. If you’re keen to build your log home to passive standards, our manufacturer can supply an additional full sealing kit so that your home can be made virtually airtight.

There are some basics you will need to source for yourself, like insulation, nails and screws, but most importantly, you will need to decide in advance where you want to put things like the bathrooms and the kitchen, because all services need to be brought into the house through the foundations (you don’t want to breach those lovely airtight walls!).

You’ll also have the freedom to plan your own kitchen so it’s perfectly suited to you and your family, remembering again to specify the wiring for your electrician so that everything is designed in advance.

How We Can Help

Of course if you need help and advice once you start your build, we’re just at the other end of the phone, and if you do feel you need more support than that, you could hire one of our experts to help for a few days. If you would prefer to completely manage your log home kit build yourself, but would feel happier learning more about project management up front, our friends at CLPM offer a range of supporting project management services, including remote support.

Every model you see on our website is available as a self-build log home kit, offering you a stunning range of choices. Don’t forget that all our designs are customisable to suit your individual needs, and there are further models that we can offer if your ideal house is not in the portfolio on the website. Why not give us a call now to discuss how we can help you to create your perfect self-build log home?

View Log Home Kits

  • Lomakoti 76

    Two bedroom, chalet style log home with mezzanine floor. Ideal for holidays!

  • Pyhakoski

    Open plan light filled three or four bedroom home.

  • Kuisma

    An impressive and elegant home.

Our Process

Scandinavian homes

Speak with our friendly team of self-build specialists to help us identify where you are on your self-build journey, and to discuss your aspirations and the needs of your family, before working with us to create the perfect layout for your home.

Scandinavian homes

Selecting a model from our extensive range of Scandinavian log homes is just the start.

Our quality log kits offer unparalleled flexibility, and we work with you to realise every detail of your dream home, down to colour schemes and the brand of kitchen appliances you’d like us to install.

Scandinavian homes

Our luxury Scandinavian log homes are made by a leading Finnish manufacturer of log house kits, to the highest of environmental standards, from sustainable timber.

Designed with comfort, sustainability, and energy-efficient living in mind, we help to build the eco-friendly, sustainable, self-build home you’ve always dreamt of.

Scandinavian homes

We provide luxury, self-build kits, complete with detailed instructions and diagrams, to help you transform our high-quality components into the luxury log home you’ve been dreaming of.

Alternatively (depending on your location) we offer a first-class, fully managed, turnkey service, guiding you through the process, from initial phone call to moving-in day, including construction, and fit and finishing your forever home.