Shoffice or Flat Pack Garden Room? – You Decide

If you take a stroll around the lifestyle sites on the Internet at the moment, you’ll likely find most of them talking about something called a ‘Shoffice’. It’s a made-up word derived from ‘shed’ and ‘office’ and has apparently been in use since about 2014, although an entry for it in the Urban Dictionary dates from 2012. Over the last year, since the start of the COVID pandemic, it has really come into its own and begun to ‘trend’. We’ve even seen people using the word ‘shedquarters’ to describe a small businessperson’s home office!

Should you opt for a shoffice or flat pack garden room?

For the most part, the word shoffice is being used to describe posh sheds – and even some not so posh ones. Simply put, they’re an affordable alternative to a garden office. Somewhere separate from the home, they’re a simple, no-frills place to work.

Some of the sites currently advertising ‘shoffices’ for sale offer to build you something for a few thousand pounds, many with big claims that planning permission won’t be required. Newsflash – it might!

A garden room is much more than a beefed-up shiplap tool shed on steroids. Designed with warmth, airtightness, and durability in mind, we advise those choosing between building a shoffice or flat pack garden room, that a little extra investment can go a long way.

Laptop, notebook and pen, coffee and phone on desk

Shoffice or flat pack garden room? – Affordable Vs Quality

The truth is, garden rooms are actually designed specifically to be habitable all year round, put together correctly to ensure good insulation and air-tightness, and are more aesthetically pleasing to boot!

What at first glance might seem like semantics and trendy lingo, could be the difference between a quality, fully insulated garden room with double glazed windows and huge aesthetic appeal, and finding the winter wind whistling through your hair as you try to meet a pre-Christmas deadline, your fingers turning blue on the keyboard!

Business woman working late at night on the computer in office

If you’re looking for a high-quality, insulated office room at the end of your garden, and are interested in making a safe investment in the value of your property, choosing between a shoffice or flat pack garden room is simple.

Scandinavian Homes’ log garden rooms are designed and manufactured in Finland to withstand the rigours of Finnish weather, which gets pretty darn cold in the Winter months.

There’s a lot of natural insulation from the chunky external log wall, (providing that classic Scandi look), but you can also opt to add an insulation layer and finish it inside with plasterboard for a more contemporary office style. They are delivered with double glazed windows and doors too!

Give us a call on 0845 299 6337 or email us at [email protected] if you want to talk about creating your own high-quality self-build ‘shedquarters’ in your back garden – we can help you build something that will be a genuinely valuable addition to your home and will last you for many a deep midwinter to come.

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